Worship Team checklist

By Aashish on May 7, 2023
Worship team
Worship team member *
Pre Worship
Mixer switched on *
Speaker switched ON *
Line Check Done *
All sound equipement are ON *
Speakers/Sub Woofer/In Ear Monitors
Mixer recording formatted *
During worship
Recording started *
zoom & Multitrack recording to be started as the worship begins
mics/instruments UNMUTED *
Volume adjusted for Instruments *
MUTE PC and mics/instruments that are not in use *
(sometimes except keys and pads)
Pack Up
Recording Stopped *
(zoom & Multitrack)
All channels MUTED *
Speaker > Mixer switched off *
Worship Team Pack Up *
Instruments/Mics & Speaker/Mixer covers All things are kept back in the designated places.

Thank you for your confirmation.