Ushering Team’s SOP

By Mathew John on May 5, 2023
Before the service - Before 10 AM

Please read all the task carefully before and check the box only when the task is done!

All the chairs are to be arranged. Help the housekeeping team in cleaning the chairs. *
Get the Frames, LH T-shirts, etc., from the storeroom and arrange it on the table at the back. Set the Newcomers’ Cards, pens, LH IG Cards, and Tithe & Offering Envelopes & Box along with it. *
Check if there is a glass of water for the Pastor. Cover it with the coaster. Place it on the podium before the Sermon starts. *
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During the service - 10 AM to 12:30 PM
Wear the All-Access tag and be around the entry to welcome and greet people as they come in. Make sure everybody gets a seat, ask them occupy the seats in the front and middle. *
Be at the back seat to maintain decorum during the sermon *
If any child makes noise, ask the parents to take the child to the office!
Be ready with the offering boxes/baskets before the announcement is made. Circulate the boxes from the both sides. *
Attendance marked *
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After the service - Before 2PM
Give the newcomer's card and a pen to the people who come for the first time after the service. *
Once it has been filled and given back to you, hand it over to Kesia. *
Greet people, build a connection with new people. Ask at least one person of how the service and the word has impacted them. *
Help the logistics team with getting/preparing snacks or meal and call people when it is ready to be served. *
Make sure that everybody is served equally. *
(Equal pieces for everyone and make newcomers priority)
All the chairs are to be stacked back. *
Keep the frames, T-Shirts, hoodies, cards, envelopes, pens, and offering boxes back to their respective places, max by 2pm. *
Any Remarks/Feedback on how this could be done better? *
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Thank you for your confirmation.

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