SOP for Camera

By Mathew John on May 12, 2023
Basic Information
I am
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Before Service
Format memory card (DSLR and Cam Rec)
Before service (Make sure you have a back-up before format card)
Audio Check ( Cam Rec.)
Check the audio levels during pre-service.
Battery Check
(DSLR and Video Cam)
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Beginning/During Service
Start timer when the sermon begins
[Mathew] Also sticky note for the preacher on the TV to smile.
Start recording on Zoom - ATEM - Cam Rec. - Timer
It all start once the preacher comes on the stage ( Make sure ATEM's audio is ON while recording )
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After the Service
Take pictures of People
Don't miss the people who come for the announcement (Avoid empty spaces and empty chairs)
Take pictures when people are interacting with each-other
(After the service)
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Video-cam dismantled and packed back to the bag. Video cam wires needs to be folded and the tripod will go under the wooden bench. DSLR and Lilliput(extended screen) put back in the same bag.
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Your SoP Submitted. Thank you

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