Ushering LH Stall SOP

By Aashish on June 21, 2024
Before Service

Please read all the task carefully before and check the box only when the task is done!

Chairs arranged and cleaned *
All the chairs are to be arranged and cleaned with Colin.
LH Stall Ready *
Clean the tables and set up stall items neatly. Get all the articles and arrange it on the table at the back. Set the Newcomers’ Cards, Pens, LH Cards, and Envelopes, etc along with it.
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During the service
Wear 'ALL-ACCESS' Tag *
Wear the All-Access tag and be around the entry to welcome and greet people as they come in. Make sure everybody gets a seat, ask them occupy the seats in the front and middle.
Ready with Offering boxes *
Be ready with the offering boxes/baskets before the announcement is made. Circulate the boxes from the both sides.
Maintain and Update Items Sold *
Note down the items sold with item names, prices and payment mode. If any of the church members asks to pay later, note down their names. Send the same in the Ushering Group.
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After the service
Fellowship *
Greet people, build a connection with new people. Ask at least one person of how the service and the word has impacted them.
LH Stall Wrap up *
Keep the frames, T-Shirts, hoodies, cards, envelopes, pens, and offering boxes back to their respective places, max by 2pm.
All the chairs are to be stacked back *
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Thank you for your confirmation.

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