Communion Serving

By Mathew John on July 2, 2023
Before Service

Before 10 pm

• Rinse the communion cup holder and plates with water. Put the cups in the communion bowl filled with hot water, wipe them properly with tissues. *
Pour the juice into the cups and place them on the cup holder neatly. *
Put everything on the table along with Nibbles(bread) and plates. *
During the Service

10 pm to 12:30 pm

Be ready with the communion (as the one who is leading comes on stage) and start distributing when the prayer is done. *
Once the communion is over, take the cups from everyone and put them back. Cover the cups and plates with tissues. *
After the Service

Before 2pm

Take the communion cups and plates back to the kitchen right after service. *
Wash the plates. Put the cups in the communion bowl filled with dishwash & water. Wash it after 5 minutes. *
Put the washed cups on a clean plate and let it dry for some time. *
Put the cups and plates back to its place after it’s dry before leaving the church. *
Any Remarks/Feedback on how this could be done better? *
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