Ushering Attendance SOP

By Aashish on June 21, 2024
Before the service

Please read all the tasks carefully before and check the box only when the task is done!

Chairs arranged and cleaned *
All the chairs are to be arranged and cleaned with Colin.
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During the service
Wear 'ALL-ACCESS' Tag *
Wear the All-Access tag and be around the entry to welcome and greet people as they come in. Make sure everybody gets a seat, ask them occupy the seats in the front and middle.
Attendance marked *
Mark attendance on Google sheet. Join the Sunday Service Zoom Link with audio OFF. Take a screenshot of the Zoom Participants List. Send a message ‘Attendance marked’ in the Ushering Group along with the Screenshots.
Ready with Offering boxes *
Be ready with the offering boxes/baskets before the announcement is made. Circulate the boxes from the both sides.
Newcomers Card filled and collected *
Give the newcomers card to the people who have come for the first time during the welcoming/announcements. Handover the Cards to Kesia after service.
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After the service
Fellowship *
Greet people, build a connection with new people. Ask at least one person of how the service and the word has impacted them.
Help Serving *
Help the logistics team with getting/preparing snacks or meal and call people when it is ready to be served.
All the chairs are to be stacked back *
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Thank you for your confirmation.

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