Possess Your Promised Land

I woke up this morning with this intense anger, which is unusual for me. It's like I got hit with this wave of righteous anger. You know, the kind of anger that's justified and necessary...............

March 11, 2024

I woke up this morning with this intense anger, which is unusual for me. It’s like I got hit with this wave of righteous anger. You know, the kind of anger that’s justified and necessary.

Give me a moment to explain. You see, there’s a righteous anger that we must embrace. We need to acknowledge righteous anger.

Do you realize that as much as God loves you, He despises sin? His love for you is matched only by His disdain for sin. He doesn’t tolerate it. He doesn’t brush it off as a passing phase. He despises it to the core because He understands the devastating impact it has on your life. God loves you.

John 3:16 declares, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.” 

God’s love for you is unconditional. He loved the world – that includes you – before you even knew Him, before you started praying. His love doesn’t come with conditions. The fact that He sent Jesus is evidence of His unconditional love for you, without expecting anything in return. And because He loves you so deeply, He detests everything that seeks to harm or destroy you.

Just think about how parents feel when something threatens their child. They’re furious, right? That’s why God hates sin. He doesn’t compromise with it or brush it off. He knows the damage it inflicts on your life, and He abhors it.

Isaiah 53:5 – “But he was pierced for our transgressions.”

Jesus bore the pain and suffering for our sins. Consider this: God loves His Son immensely, yet He allowed Him to endure agony on the cross for our sake. Yes, Jesus was pierced for our transgressions, for everything that God despises. Jesus took on what God hates so that you wouldn’t have to endure it yourself.

God hates sin so that it, the stain, will have no impact over your life. The Bible says that Jesus died as sin. You know why Jesus died as sin so that you no longer will have to go through the pain of sin. Whatever Jesus died for is something that you and I have to hate. Jesus died for your sin. Jesus died for your sickness. Jesus died for your mental sickness as well.

We are okay praying for healing of a headache. But you know, mental sickness, I can do therapy. But you need to know that you need to hate it with the core of your being. Anything that will take you for you to manage it, you’ll have to manage it for the rest of your life. Give it to Jesus right now. You get the healing of Jesus right now.

Isaiah 53:5 – “but he was pierced for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities.” 

You know what iniquities are? Transgressions are the sin that you do through your body. Physical acts of sin. But beyond these physical acts, there’s a whole world of our spiritual mind

Before you commit an act, you think about that act your body is not functioning. If without your mind, the body is functioning, it’s a problem. When you’re walking, the brain gives a signal to your legs to walk. And that’s where you walk, just like that. Any sin that you commit through your body first is committed in your mind. That is what the Bible calls iniquities. We have a lot of iniquities, but of very few that we commit in our bodies. That’s why Jesus said, If you look at a woman lustfully, you have committed adultery.

Because if you have sinned in your mind, that means you have actually committed a sin. What happens in your thought life is a reality for the spiritual world. It’s not just happening in your mind. What is happening in your thought life is affecting your spiritual reality. And that’s why Jesus died, not just for the sins that you have committed in the body. Jesus also died for every wrongful thought.

Isaiah 53:5 – Upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, 

The word chastisement means disciplined. He was disciplined. He went through the correction so that we will have peace. You know what peace is? Peace is not just calmness. Peace is nothing missing, nothing broken, anything missing in your life, anything broken in your life. Jesus was disciplined and corrected so that you will be reached out to well-being and wholeness.

Isaiah 53:5 – and with his wounds we are healed.

So, Jesus, he died for your sins that you committed in your bodies, that you thought in your mind. Jesus died for anything that is missing and broken in your life. And Jesus died for your sickness. So whatever Jesus died for, you and I have to get angry at it because they have no rightful place in your life. So because they did not come through an authorized medium, you have every right to reject it and to rebuke it, hate sickness. And if there’s anything missing in your life, hate it. Jesus died so that you will become the righteousness of God. Jesus died so that you will walk in divine health and healing. Jesus died so that you will have wholeness.

Now, imagine receiving a letter from a government office stating that an apartment building is being constructed in Chattarpur. One of the properties is valued at seven crores, and you’re being gifted a house. Someone has left a house for you in Sky Mansions. Please proceed to collect the property documents. Upon receiving this news, you find yourself still stuck in your studio apartment, yet the mere revelation begins to alter your reality. Isn’t that true? Just receiving such news transforms your entire outlook, as if suddenly you’re a millionaire. Wouldn’t you desire a house like that? Yes, of course.

Now, envision yourself having received this news. Would you go and retrieve your paperwork? Of course. So, suppose you went to the office, collected the paperwork, and found that everything was in order. Your name, PAN card number, and other details were correct. You realize this is genuine, authentic documentation.

Subsequently, you visit the house to take possession and discover it fully furnished with top-notch appliances—a double-door fridge, an automatic washing machine, plush sofas, recliners, a comfortable bed, and even a dishwasher. Everything you could possibly need is provided. All you have to do is step inside and claim ownership. And you adore the house; it’s perfect.

Now, when the day comes to move in, say on March 15th, you arrive to find someone already residing there. What would you do? “Oh, my apologies, I didn’t realize you were here. I’ll return to my studio apartment.” Sometimes, people misconceive Jesus as being excessively kind, the Jesus that I read from the Bible got angry too. He called out things as they were. He called people foolish. 

So, when you arrive at your house, rightfully yours, only to find people there illegally occupying it, what would you do? Would you do anything and everything to get them out? I’m telling you, you won’t. How do I know? Because this is your wallpaper, painting a picture of the reality you should be living in.

But there are things in your life that you’ve been entertaining. You’ve become so comfortable with them that you’re petting them. Sickness? “Oh, it’s okay, I’ll give you food. You want food? Stay here.” There is still sickness in your body because you don’t hate it. There are things that God has not ordained for you, yet you’re giving them permission to stay. 

When will the children of God stand up and say, “I hate sin. I hate sickness. I hate poverty. I hate anything that is stopping me from walking in the destiny that God has for me”? Righteous anger—I’m calling out for righteous anger.

If you see chaos within your family, that’s something you need to stand against, not just get comfortable and try to manage it. It’s something that needs to be dealt with.

Oh, I pray in the name of Jesus that you’ll be delivered from the dependency of having dolo in your life. You know what dolo is? Indians are stuck with dolos. Anytime you have a headache, the moment you feel it, you’ll go to the God of dolo. “Can you heal me?” Are you going to stand up and declare God’s word and say, “I am healed. “ This tells you of your reality—that Jesus died for your sin, for your sickness. He died so that you will have wellbeing and wholeness. 

So, if there are things that are illegally possessing areas of your life, that means you need to kick them out. Just imagine you’re in your house, watching TV, and the window is open, and there’s a thief. The thief thinks you’re not there. So, he sees the open window as an invitation, and he comes through.

I want you to imagine this: You’re watching TV, the window’s open, and a thief approaches. He just puts one leg inside, then stops as he sees you, and you also freeze, caught in the awkward drama. What will you do? Would you invite him in, saying, “Come, come, I’ll give you chai. Would you like green tea, coffee, black coffee?” Would you invite him to sit on your sofa?

It could be possible that a window in your life was opened for unauthorized entities to enter. However, their entry is still illegal. Even if the main door to your house was open and the thief comes in and steals, it’s still illegal. Do you understand? Even if you open doors for the demonic realm, for them to enter and harm you is illegal. So, whatever has happened in the past, ends right now. You have the power and authority to say, “Today it stops. Today, I reject it in the name of Jesus. It has no place in my house. It has no place in my body. I reject it.”

In the Bible, Egypt symbolizes bondage. When the Israelites were in Egypt, they were slaves. But God delivered them physically from Egypt overnight. Overnight, they were freed from physical slavery. Overnight, they became millionaires. Imagine with me, slaves one day, and the next, they’re millionaires, free.

Now, Egypt represents bondage, while the promised land signifies freedom and abundance. God delivers them from Egypt so that he can take them to the promised land.

Well, right now, what is happening is God delivered them overnight. But between Egypt and the Promised Land is the wilderness. And this whole company of people is walking towards the Promised Land.

Who delivered them? God. Did they do anything to deliver themselves? No, God delivered them completely. He does not like installments. If you’re living a life of installments, God delivers you completely.

Now they’re walking towards the promised land. It takes 10 days to cross the wilderness to reach the promised land. They are supposed to reach the promised land in 10 days. But you know what happened? They were stuck in the wilderness for 40 years. They’ve been walking in the wilderness for 40 years.

You know why? Because they are happy. They’re comfortable where they’re. They’re telling Moses, “Moses, why did you bring us here? Why are you taking us to that promised land? The promised land is full of giants. Why? We don’t want that. We don’t want a land full of milk and honey. We were okay being slaves. At least we were getting biryani.”

See, I understand something. It was not God’s delay that they were delayed in the wilderness for 40 years. The Bible says that they limited God. What God could do in 10 days, don’t limit God by delaying your promise for 40 years. He’s a God of now. He’s not the God of 40 years. He’s a God of now. Is now with me. Faith is now, Yes, it’s now.

God wanted them to possess the promised land the moment they left Egypt. But the problem is, God delivered them out of Egypt. But still, Egypt is inside of them. Whatever you need to be delivered, God has delivered you. But if you are not willing to let go of Egypt, I’m telling you, you will entertain Egypt your whole life.

You have to understand this, even when God delivers us out of Egypt, if Egypt is still playing its games in our mind, we will be walking around the mountain for the next 40 years. 

So the day you say yes, “I hate Egypt, and I love the Promised Land.” When you say Yes, “I don’t like this. I am willing. I say yes to the promise of God today.” You say yes, it’s not on God, my friends, God does not delay promises. So don’t come up with this amazing idea, you know, things that masquerade itself by wisdom that God has not delayed. He always comes on time. All of that La la you know God has already released it. If you are in a waiting season, you have chosen to be in that waiting season, the day you say yes, you move from waiting into the Promised Land.

You know, we come up with such theology just to justify our actions that we are comfortable with. Stop being comfortable with Egypt. Move into your promised land. 

Just imagine 1 million people moving from Egypt to the Promised Land, and they’re stuck in the wilderness. Out of all those people, there are only two people who are willing to believe that what God has said will happen. God’s idea is that they enter the Promised land, but they’re stuck in the wilderness. But two people, they have taken the promise. Why? If you want to possess the promised land, you need to possess the promise. 

If you don’t possess the promise, you cannot possess the promised land. You can be taken out of Egypt, but your Egypt is still in your system. It is still in your imagination. It is still in your thoughts. It is still in your heart. The promised land will not come to you unless you possess the promise in your imagination, in your emotion, in your whole being.

Look at this. No one wants to go to the promised land, but two people, Joshua and Caleb, tell Moses, give us permission right now. Right now we will possess. But because of the unbelief of people even they are not able to walk into that promised land. But I wanna tell you a secret. These two people were stuck in the wilderness because of the unbelief of their friends and family. But even though they were in the wilderness, these two people were living already in the reality of the Promised Land.

It was not their choice, that they were stuck there. They were stuck because of the unbelief of the people whom they journeyed with. But because they possessed the promise, their mind went forward into the Promised Land. Their emotions went forward into the Promised Land. Their imagination went forward into the Promised Land. Now, their mind, their imagination and their emotions are beckoning them. Come physically right now. Where your mind cannot travel, your body cannot go. What you cannot possess with your mind, you cannot touch with your hands. That’s why you need to be careful of the association that you have. 

Caleb comes from the Kenites. They were not part of the Israel tribes. He was not born out of the legal heritage of Jacob, Abraham, Isaac. He was a gentile in that sense. But because of his faith in the promise, because of the faith in the promise, God said, you’ll have an inheritance among my people. And after they reached the promised Land, Caleb reminds Joshua, do you remember 40 years ago, the word of the Lord came that I will receive an inheritance. I want my inheritance.

Now Caleb is 85 years old. And he says, Joshua, give me the permission. I will take that mountain because I received a promise from the Lord.

The day you receive the promise, regardless of where you are stuck, regardless of why you are stuck, you start walking as if you are living in the promised Land. You start living from the promised land. I’m telling you, you don’t have to go to the Middle East just to make money. The same God who can provide for you in the Middle East is the same God who can provide for you here. The blessing of the Lord comes upon you. 

I’ll give you some practical indications. When a woman conceives, there are no visible signs immediately when she gets pregnant, she can’t see the child, but she can feel the child. You have been conceived and you are pregnant with God’s word. Right now, when you are hearing the word that God is releasing through me, you have become pregnant with his word. Your years are the womb of conception. But there are no visible signs. Nothing has changed, but internally, everything has changed. 

So when a pregnant woman can’t see the baby. She just needs to touch her stomach and the baby moves. Nobody sees it for nine months. She is on a journey of faith. She cannot see it, but she can feel it. How do you know that? You have the promise. You don’t have to feel it. You just need to believe it. If you believe it, it’s a sign that you have already conceived and you’re pregnant. You cannot believe unless the word comes into you, the very fact that you can believe is a proof that the word has been conceived into you. You think it is because of your faith that the word is conceived. But can I tell you, the word has conceived in you first, so that faith will come. You have conceived God’s word in you. 

1 Peter 1:23 – since you have been born again, not of perishable seed but of imperishable, through the living and abiding word of God.

The day you receive Jesus, you are born of God’s word. The same likeness of God is inside of you each passing day. It is growing stronger. When the word comes into your life, you step out from the dimension of time and you move into the dimension of faith. That’s why a Christian does not mature based on time. He matures based on faith. Don’t take pride. Oh, I’m a 30-year-old Christian. Don’t take pride in these things because these are nothing in the spiritual realm. 

You have walked from the dimension of time. You have been put in the dimension of faith, moved by faith. Whatever you believe is a sign that the word has been conceived in you. So the next time when you read the word, imagine as if you’re putting your hand on your belly and the child is moving. Because in the dimension of faith, you can only see through the word. 

So regardless, you’re stuck in the wilderness because of your friends, but because you are from the world, you can operate from the world. You’re not supposed to live in sickness anymore. You’re not supposed to live in any sin anymore. You’re not supposed to live in poverty and lack anymore. Jesus died so that you will have life.

Jesus did not die so that you could go to heaven. My friend’s heaven will not go anywhere. Heaven will be there waiting for you. But as long as you’re on the earth, experience the abundant life of Jesus. Jesus died so that you’ll have life. He took your sin so that you will have his righteousness. He took your sickness so that you’ll be healed. He took your poverty so that you could become prosperous and rich. 

So how many of you are stirred up with righteous anger right now? No sickness. No sin, no poverty, no lack, no pressure. If there are people occupying my promised land illegally, I am going to get them out illegally. I will drive them out. I will eat them up for breakfast. 

You know God has the best for you. He has the best gift for you. His name is Jesus. And in the gift God has for you, he has packaged all things that you need. And he has packaged everything in that gift for everything that you desire. You can move from your need to desire, to dreams, to unimaginable things, unimaginable dreams. His name is Jesus. Then hate the things that are causing you trouble in your life.

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Samuel Thomas

Samuel is a second-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He has been the pastor of Lighthouse Church since 2017 with a two-word mission statement: transforming lives. Samuel's priority in life has been to know Christ and to grow deeper in His love.

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