Living In The Supernatural

Our God is undeniably supernatural. As His children, it is imperative that the supernatural becomes our new natural. Simply following the natural course of the world, aiming for promotions and success as they occur naturally...

July 3, 2023

Our God is undeniably supernatural. As His children, it is imperative that the supernatural becomes our new natural. Simply following the natural course of the world, aiming for promotions and success as they occur naturally, does not truly bring glory to God. It is crucial for the people of this world to witness the unmistakable supernatural workings of God when He blesses us.

Supernatural should permeate every aspect of our life. It should not be something we read about in the Bible through the lives of Moses, Abraham, or other figures, and then applaud from a distance. The Bible is not to reveal how great Abraham or Moses were; it is to unveil the greatness of our supernatural God. If He performed extraordinary acts in their lives, He can undoubtedly do the same in ours.

The purpose of reading the Bible is to position ourselves in receiving the abundant supernatural blessings that God has in store for us. We are not merely a product of the ordinary; we are supernatural beings.

This is why Nicodemus was utterly perplexed when Jesus spoke about being born again or being born from above in order to experience the kingdom. Nicodemus couldn’t comprehend it, and we find ourselves in a similar predicament. How exactly are we born again? Only God holds that knowledge. However, what we can grasp is the concept of the supernatural, and that’s what I want to discuss with you. Specifically, I want to emphasize that the “how” of what God does is not your concern. If you can believe in the “what,” God will take care of the “how.” Many Christians live filled with doubt because they are preoccupied with how God will bless them, promote them, or guide them through difficult circumstances. Your responsibility is to have faith in His ability, power, and strength. If He has spoken a word over your life, He has the integrity to fulfill it. True faith in someone can only exist when you are aware of both their ability and integrity. If a politician promises you a promotion or a job but lacks integrity, you cannot trust them. Similarly, if someone possesses integrity but lacks ability, you cannot rely on them either. However, you must understand that the God who calls you, the God who speaks words of destiny over your life, possesses both the ability and integrity to fulfill them. If He has declared it, it will come to pass.

Supernatural is the new norm. It must become our new natural state. Friends, it is essential to recognize that you were not merely born in a conventional manner; you were supernaturally born. You are not a product of the flesh alone; you are born of the Spirit, in a supernatural way. Embracing the supernatural as our new natural state is vital. Therefore, let us not merely learn to manage our problems. Remember, you are not beneath your circumstances; you are above them. God is the God of the supernatural. Embracing the supernatural as our new natural state should be our goal. It is the new normal, the new standard. In a world focused on establishing a new normal, let us shift our focus to the supernatural.

Genesis 1:1-3 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

In Genesis chapter one, God’s first act of creation was to speak light into existence. This light was not ordinary or natural, as it did not originate from a typical source like the sun. Instead, it was supernatural because it came directly from God Himself. He declared, “Let there be light,” and light appeared. This supernatural light preceded the creation of the sun and the moon. It was the initial manifestation of God’s creative power. Just as God created supernatural light as the first thing in the physical world, consider what He creates within you. You are created supernaturally. We read that the earth was formless, empty, and covered in darkness. Yet, even in this state, the Spirit of God was present, hovering over the face of the waters. The earth lacked structure, it was void, and darkness prevailed. But in the midst of this chaos, the Spirit of the Lord was actively present.

The Spirit of the Lord hovers precisely where there is darkness, formlessness, and emptiness. Any area of your life that lacks structure, is covered in darkness, or feels empty, that is exactly where the Spirit of God is present. You don’t have to plead for the Spirit of God to come and shine His light. I assure you, the Spirit of God is already there before you even arrived. Yes. Every aspect of your life that is shrouded in darkness, emptiness, or lacks form, the Spirit of God is already actively present, hovering over that situation, ready to bring transformation. However, it’s important to understand that for the supernatural to manifest, simply having the Spirit of God hovering is not enough. I am providing you with the formula for experiencing the supernatural. The Spirit of God alone does not suffice. It requires a combination, just as making tea requires the right proportions of tea leaves, water, and milk. Having tea leaves alone cannot produce tea. It is the combination of ingredients in the right measure that creates the desired outcome. Similarly, for the supernatural to manifest in your life, the presence of the Spirit of God is crucial, but it is not the sole requirement.

In the dark and empty areas of your life, do you believe that the Spirit of God hovers? Yes, indeed. The subsequent step is then God spoke and declared that for the supernatural to take shape, for the manifestation of supernatural light to occur, the Spirit of God must hover, and His spoken word must be proclaimed. The Spirit of God operates solely in accordance with the Word of God that is spoken. Therefore, there are two essential ingredients for experiencing the supernatural: the hovering presence of the Spirit of God and the release of the Word of God. Take a moment to reflect on this: any aspect of your life that feels empty, formless, or dark is precisely where the Spirit of God resides. As soon as you speak forth God’s living word, His spoken truth, supernatural light penetrates that very place.

The formula for experiencing the supernatural is simple: the Spirit of God hovering and the spoken Word of God being released. It is not enough to merely read the Word of God or meditate on it silently within your heart. It must be spoken aloud and released. Many Christians have no trouble reading the Word, but they struggle to speak it. They have no problem discussing the news, such as economic recessions or layoffs at companies like Google. It’s time to shift our focus from speaking the news to boldly speaking the Word of God. If you desire to witness the supernatural working in your life, you must be courageous in speaking God’s Word. Be bold, unashamed, and confident in proclaiming His truth. Did you know that even before David defeated Goliath, he was speaking boldly? He conquered Goliath through his words. So, if you want to conquer your own Goliaths, begin by using the power of your words. Speak the Word of God. The problem with many Christians is that we lack the boldness to speak God’s Word. If we are not bold enough to speak His Word, how can we be bold enough to face the giants in our lives?

It requires tremendous supernatural courage to stand in front of a towering giant, measuring 10 feet tall, and boldly declare, “I come against you in the name of the Lord.” This is not an easy feat, but it begins with practicing the habit of speaking God’s Word in your private moments. Speak God’s Word. Speak God’s Word. Speak God’s Word. This is the foundation of preparation. If you were to wake up on a Sunday and decide to go to the gym, attempting to build your muscles by lifting weights without any consistent practice, your muscles wouldn’t develop. Similarly, speaking God’s Word needs to become a habitual exercise. Therefore, start speaking God’s Word in your private moments, especially during prayer. Begin training your mouth to speak God’s Word. One valuable advice that Paul gave to Timothy was to read the scriptures publicly. This means reading the scriptures aloud, not just silently. Make it a habit. Train yourself to speak God’s Word. If you’ve ever driven a car in Delhi, you may recall the boldness that emerges from your mouth when someone cuts you off. You should have even greater boldness when it comes to speaking the Word of God.

The winning combination is the Spirit of God hovering and the Word of God being released. Now, let me emphasize a vital truth: the devil holds no power over your life. None whatsoever. In fact, let me illustrate it with a lighthearted example. Have you ever encountered a mosquito? A mosquito possesses no more power than the devil himself. The devil has no power over your life. Repeat after me: “The devil has no power over my life.” He is utterly powerless. The Bible clearly states that Jesus not only defeated the devil, but He utterly destroyed him.

He defeated the devil. In ancient times, during warfare and the defeat of a king, it was customary to sever their thumbs, symbolizing their inability to wield a sword again. Similarly, the devil’s thumbs are figuratively cut off, stripping him of his power. While he may be compared to a roaring lion, it’s important to note that he is not the actual roaring lion. Rather, he mimics the behavior of a lion, like a dog that barks but does not act upon its threats. Just as such dogs may exhibit strength and fierceness through barking alone, they often retreat when faced with real confrontation. Likewise, the devil’s power is limited. The only influence he can exert over your life is through deceit and manipulation, particularly by exploiting your own words.

Proverbs 6:2 you have been trapped by what you said, ensnared by the words of your mouth.

If the devil can ensnare you with your own words, he can use them against you. Nevertheless, it is crucial to recognize that his power is ultimately insufficient.

During the time when the Israelites were expressing their complaints to Moses about God, particularly when they found themselves trapped between the approaching Egyptians and the Red Sea, Moses offered wise counsel to his people. He urged them to exercise restraint and advised, “I plead with you, simply keep silent.” This was the best course of action they could take. If praising God seemed difficult in that moment, the least they could do was refrain from speaking anything that the devil could exploit against them. The devil has a tendency to employ our own words to his advantage.

Therefore, when you wake up in the morning feeling overwhelmed by Monday blues, it is crucial not to verbalize such thoughts. Similarly, if you experience leg pain upon waking, it is best to refrain from speaking negatively about it.

Proverbs 18:20 From the fruit of their mouth a person’s stomach is filled; with the harvest of their lips they are satisfied.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with your current circumstances, it is crucial to change the words you speak. The reason behind this principle can be understood from God’s instruction to Joshua, where He provided a formula for success. In Joshua 1, God emphasized the importance of continually speaking and meditating on His word. He instructed Joshua not to let the book of the law depart from his mouth, encouraging him to consistently let God’s word be expressed through his speech. By meditating on God’s word day and night, Joshua would find his way and make his own path prosperous. It is important to note that God doesn’t solely make one’s path prosperous; individuals have an active role in achieving prosperity in their lives.

Here’s the good news: God has given you the tools to make your way prosperous, as He does not solely determine your path. That’s precisely why He states that He has given you the power of life and death and urges you to choose life. However, the decision to choose life rests with you; it is not something God can do on your behalf. To choose life, you must speak God’s word, remain steadfast in His word, and meditate on it. By doing so, even in your subconscious, when the devil attempts to silence you, you will find yourself speaking God’s word.

The formula for experiencing the supernatural is the combination of the Spirit of God and the spoken Word of God. The spoken Word of God holds great power. In Greek, the term for the spoken Word of God is “Rhema,” When the rhema word is spoken, it is bound to bring forth results.

Isaiah 55:11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

Every word of God spoken through your mouth is guaranteed to accomplish its task; it never returns empty. Therefore, it is vital to guard and watch over your speech. As the Psalmist wisely prays, “Oh Lord, set a watch over my mouth, that I may refrain from uttering anything evil or wicked.” When you release God’s word over your life, you are directing the Spirit of God that hovers over the formless, dark, and empty areas of your life, empowering it to fulfill the purpose for which the word was spoken.

What is the formula for experiencing the supernatural power of God and His Word? It’s actually quite simple: the Spirit of God and the Word of God. Now that you understand this formula, it is time for you to live a life that transcends the natural realm and operates in the supernatural. Supernatural living should become your new normal. No circumstances should intimidate you because you have the ability to overcome them. Instead of pleading with the Lord, saying, “Lord, just deliver me from these circumstances,” ask Him, “Lord, empower me to overcome these circumstances. What is the specific word or message I need to conquer this situation?” You see, when you find yourself in a challenging circumstance, don’t limit your prayer to mere deliverance. Rather, seek to understand what the Lord is teaching you and how He is revealing Himself to you in that moment. Ask Him for the word or revelation that you need for this particular season. When He imparts His word over your life for that season, it will equip and empower you to navigate through any challenges you face.

You have to echo it out. You have to confess it again because the Word of God is like a double-edged sword. One edge of the sword represents what God has spoken, and the other edge is activated when you speak it out. Therefore, when you receive God’s word for a specific circumstance, it is essential to release that word boldly. This is why we must maintain a balance in our spiritual lives by combining prayer and the Word—prayer and the Word. Through prayer, we receive the word that God wants to release to us, and through speaking the Word, we activate its power. The formula for experiencing the supernatural involves releasing the Word of God and relying on the Spirit of God.

Now, my question is, how many of you are convinced that you have the Spirit of God dwelling within you? Because for this formula to work, you might think that you are just uttering empty words if you do not have the Spirit of God empowering you. So it is crucial to be fully assured that the Spirit of God resides within you. You must have unwavering confidence. It is not a matter of saying, “Yes, maybe on Sundays when I attend church, I feel the Spirit of God, but on other days, not so much.” No, you need to be completely convinced that the Spirit of God is within you.

Ephesians 1:13 In him you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and believed in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit,

What does this verse signify? It means that the day you heard and believed in the gospel—the word of truth—you were sealed with the Holy Spirit, assuring His presence within you.

How many of you have believed in the gospel? Do you believe in the gospel? According to the Bible, if you have heard the gospel and believed in it, that is the criteria for your life to be sealed with the Holy Spirit. Yes, it’s not based on what you feel. You may say, “Pastor, I don’t feel the Holy Spirit.” But remember, you don’t have to rely on your feelings; you have to believe in the Holy Spirit. If you choose to believe in God’s word above your feelings and experiences, you will be delivered from this lie. The devil wants to convince you that you are unworthy and disqualified from receiving the Spirit of God. He will employ various tactics and thoughts to make you think that you are disqualified. Perhaps you had a great experience on Sunday when you went to church, and you felt the presence of God. It was incredible to worship Him, lift your hands, and witness His movement. But now, on a Monday, as you go to the office, you don’t feel His presence.

Feeling God’s presence is wonderful, but it’s not the determining factor. Our walk with God is not based on feelings alone. We walk by faith, not by feelings. So let’s choose to believe in God’s word over our experiences and feelings. Now, if you have heard the gospel and believed in the gospel. That means you are sealed with the Holy Spirit.

Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Therefore, on the day you confessed Jesus as Lord, the Holy Spirit entered your life. Yes, the Holy Spirit has come to dwell within you permanently. The Holy Spirit is not a temporary visitor but a permanent resident in your life. Let this truth sink in: the seal of the Holy Spirit cannot be unsealed. Once God seals you with His Spirit, that seal remains intact. It signifies a permanent residence. You have been marked with the unmistakable stamp of God upon your life, and that seal is the Holy Spirit. Embrace the assurance that the Spirit of God will always be with you, guiding, empowering, and comforting you.

Can you remove a seal? You know, when a seal is placed on a paper, it can be quite challenging to remove. It often requires tearing the paper and disposing of it. Similarly, if someone were to try and unseal you, it would mean they would have to destroy you. In other words, what the Lord has done cannot be undone. The seal of the Holy Spirit is placed within you when you receive the gospel. It is essential to be absolutely assured that, despite your current feelings and thoughts, the Spirit of God has sealed your life. This sealing is permanent and irrevocable.

Ephesians 1:13-14 In him you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and believed in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it, to the praise of his glory.

The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of our inheritance. When God gave you the Holy Spirit, He provided a guarantee for your future possession, which will bring glory to Him. So, have you acquired and possessed what the Lord has for you?

Have you possessed everything? Not yet. We are still on the journey towards that goal. This verse emphasizes that the Holy Spirit serves as a guarantee of our inheritance until we fully acquire possession of it. In other words, as long as you haven’t obtained everything that God has in store for you, you will have the Holy Spirit with you.

To illustrate this further, let’s consider a car purchase scenario. When you decide to buy a car, you give the dealer an advance payment of, let’s say, 50,000 rupees to secure the booking. This advance payment serves as a token, indicating your commitment to purchasing the car. After two months, when the car is ready, you return to pay the remaining amount. Even if the dealer changes his mind during that time, the 50,000 rupees is non-refundable because it was an advance payment, a token of your intent. Similarly, God has given you the Holy Spirit as an advance, a token of His promise to complete what He has started. He will not separate Himself from the Spirit. Whatever He has declared will come to pass. So if God has spoken a promise over your life, be confident that it is a resounding “yes” and “amen.” And what He has released over your life will undoubtedly come to fruition.

You have the Holy Spirit residing within you. The Holy Spirit is not an external force simply trying to convince you to believe in the gospel. It’s important to understand that when you confess Jesus as the Lord of your life and invite Him in, your life begins to transform, and His life becomes intertwined with yours. He enters your life with power. It’s remarkable to recognize that when the King of heaven enters your life, He doesn’t come alone. He brings with Him His entire majesty and glory. As Paul affirms, the kingdom of God is not solely about material things like eating and drinking; it encompasses righteousness, peace, and joy. This means that when the King enters your life, His kingdom enters with Him—a kingdom characterized by righteousness, peace, and joy.

When you seek peace from the Lord and say, “Oh Lord, give me peace,” let me share something with you. Peace does not originate externally; it emerges from within. Yes, you are simply activating the peace that the Lord has already blessed you with. Similarly, when you pray, “Oh Lord, give me joy. I am going through depression. Make me happy,” I want to tell you that joy does not come from above or from external sources. It emanates from within. The kingdom of God resides within you. Amen, amen, amen! You already possess it.

Whatever you pray for, understand that you already have it. Prayer and the spoken word serve as means to activate what is already within you. You possess it already. Did you know that Paul declares in Romans 8 that if God did not withhold His own Son, He will surely give us all things with Him? Everyone desires to reach heaven, but let me share a revelation with you: Heaven is bankrupt. Do you know why? Because the King of heaven brought everything with Him and dwells inside of you.

We often believe that heaven is what will rescue us from our current circumstances. However, let me tell you what truly brings deliverance: It is already within you, and His name is Jesus. The Spirit of Jesus resides within you. You are sealed with the Holy Spirit, and heaven’s reality dwells within you. Release it over your life. Allow it to manifest from within you. Peace is already within you. Let it flow. Let it come forth. Joy is already within you. Let it flow. That’s why Jesus proclaimed in John 7 that whoever believes in Him will experience streams of living water flowing from within them. Streams are meant to flow.

You see, you may possess the Spirit, but if it is not flowing, you might feel depressed, discouraged, disappointed, or chaotic. That’s because what you have within you is not flowing freely. However, the moment you start believing and praying, the flow begins. The purpose of a river is to flow continuously. There are rivers inside you—rivers of peace, joy, righteousness, power, and authority. They need to flow. So, let them flow.

How can you cultivate a natural flow in your life? Do you believe that the Holy Spirit resides within you? Yes, that means a divine presence exists within you. To allow this supernatural force to overflow in your life, you must align yourself with the purposes of this divine power. The primary obstacle to the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives is selfishness. Self-obsession hinders the Holy Spirit’s flow. When we focus solely on ourselves—our lives, problems, parents, education, career, and possessions—we suffocate the potential for the Holy Spirit to move. We must break free from self-centeredness and embrace the purposes of the kingdom to witness the supernatural at work. An old, worn-out car is more valuable if it can still move than the most expensive luxury car that remains immobile. Let me reiterate: an old, beaten-up car that can move is superior to a pristine luxury car that cannot. Don’t confine the Holy Spirit’s power to the church. Instead, seek to experience the Holy Spirit’s flow in your daily life. This requires actively walking in alignment with the purposes of the Holy Spirit and embracing the supernatural plan that God has for you. If you’re fixated on your nine-to-five job and the stress it brings, and that’s all that concerns you, then you’re stifling the Holy Spirit’s influence.

You can hinder the work of the Holy Spirit in two ways: by grieving the Holy Spirit through sinful habits and by quenching the Holy Spirit. Grieving the Holy Spirit is commonly understood as it relates to avoiding sin. However, quenching the Holy Spirit occurs when you fail to activate and flow with the Holy Spirit. It’s like owning a car but keeping it stored in the garage without ever using it—the engine will eventually deteriorate, even though the potential for its function remains. Similarly, if you don’t know how to align yourself with the purposes of the Holy Spirit, even though you have the Holy Spirit within you, its impact will be suppressed. Remember, you have been called for a supernatural purpose, and God has bestowed generational blessings upon your life.

It’s crucial to grasp the profound significance of God’s calling and promises. When God called Abraham and declared that he would become a blessing to all nations, it wasn’t merely for that specific time or generation. God had you and me in mind. When He spoke those words to Abraham. We often fail to comprehend the depth of God’s wisdom and the far-reaching impact of His spoken word over our lives. Instead, we tend to focus solely on personal desires such as promotions or financial deliverance. Yet, God’s plans for us surpass our limited understanding. It may take years or even ages for us to fully comprehend the magnitude of His purpose. So, when we have the privilege of experiencing the indwelling of a supernatural God within us, it is essential to redirect our prayers from temporal concerns like relieving a headache towards deliverance from selfishness.

Do you understand what I’m emphasizing? It’s crucial to shift our focus away from self-centered pursuits such as personal business and incessant “my, my, my” mentality. Instead, let your life be dedicated to advancing the kingdom of God. This aligns with Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 6:33, where He instructs us to seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. Understand that God is not opposed to blessing you. In fact, He desires to bless you abundantly beyond what you can even imagine. While you may be seeking a mere 30% salary increase, God’s plans for your life are far greater. You have no idea the extraordinary plans God has in store for you. So, when He says that all these things shall be added, believe it. All these things will be added. Your purpose is not to relentlessly pursue these things; they will naturally follow as you prioritize the kingdom of God.

Every individual is an employee of the kingdom, a full-time member of the kingdom. Amen. However, it is advisable not to disclose this to your employers just yet, as they may consider it as moonlighting. Nevertheless, each one of you is a dedicated member of the kingdom, contributing to its purpose. Your life holds a divine significance, and once you grasp that purpose and begin aligning yourself with it, you will witness the remarkable power of God and the supernatural flow of the Holy Spirit manifesting in every aspect of your life.

When you align with God’s purposes, you won’t even have to worry about groceries at home. This message is specifically for husbands. I urge you to make a commitment today. It may seem easy to say, “Yes, my eyes are focused on the King. I give my tithe. I sowed my seed. I am generous.” However, I want to emphasize that these actions are just the beginning. They are like the nursery stage of your spiritual journey. It’s time to aim for promotion, gentlemen. There is a divine purpose over your life, and God desires you to live supernaturally.

When you find yourself sick, here’s a powerful strategy. Instead of solely praying for your own healing, seek out others who are also sick and pray for them. Pray in the name of Jesus, releasing supernatural healing because this supernatural power works in and through you. By extending healing to someone else, you will also experience healing in your own body.

Similarly, if you are facing financial difficulties, connect with people who are going through similar circumstances. The church is an excellent place for such support and prayer. When someone in your group mentions their financial struggles, don’t just offer a sympathetic symbol or emoji. Take the opportunity to sit down and sincerely pray for them.

When you genuinely dedicate time to sit and pray, you will witness the supernatural work of God in your life. It’s important to understand that God’s heart deeply cares for His children. Yes, you may not fully grasp this truth yet, but it’s crucial to acknowledge that God’s heart beats for His children. When He sees one child wholeheartedly serving another, His heart overflows with love and compassion. Do you comprehend the magnitude of this?

However, if you find yourself tempted to complain about someone, feeling annoyed or frustrated, I encourage you to pause and redirect your energy. Instead, choose to pray for that person. Humbly approach God and bless them. Yes, release blessings and increase upon their lives. Pray that the hand of the Lord will be upon them, promoting them in their journey. Pray that they find comfort in the midst of their struggles. When you genuinely intercede for God’s children, His kingdom begins to work powerfully in your own life.

It must bless you, and I want to emphasize that point. Yes, it must bless you. Jesus Himself proclaimed that if you partake of the living water, it will become a well of eternal life within you. We all find satisfaction in this truth because every day we have the privilege of drawing from that well. Do you understand? When you desire peace, you can draw from the well and pray for one hour to receive it. When you seek joy, you can draw from the well of eternal life. You keep drawing as long as your reasons remain self-centered, focused on your personal needs.

However, a remarkable transformation occurs when you step out of your own needs and extend yourself for the sake of others. That well within you becomes a river. Yes, don’t settle for simply drawing from the well of eternal life for your own desires. “Lord, give me peace. Lord, give me joy. Lord, give me righteousness.” Move beyond that mindset.

Transition from merely allowing the river to flow in the stream of your life to embracing the abundant flow of living waters. Subconsciously, as if by instinct, you are guided by the Holy Spirit as you step into His divine purpose. The moment you awaken in the morning, let your focus be on asking the Lord, “How can I bless others? How can I faithfully follow and obey You?” Who can I be a source of blessing to? Whom should I reach out to? Whom can I offer encouragement? Whom can I pray for, Lord? Seek opportunities to be a blessing, for in the midst of the challenges we face, the glory of God can shine through. While the world may clamor for your attention, viewing the news and responding with sadness, we can choose a different perspective.

Look at those challenges as opportunities for the glory of God to be revealed. Perhaps God will begin to use you in remarkable ways. We live in a time where the world is engulfed in chaos. You may be in your office cabin, hearing your colleagues speak negatively, expressing how life is in disarray. These are instances where the Holy Spirit is beckoning you, saying, “why don’t you reach out to that person? Why don’t you offer a prayer and release peace over them? Engage them by asking, ‘I heard you saying something. Is everything alright in your family?'” Seize those moments as opportunities. You see, I am convinced that when the Holy Spirit descended on the day of Pentecost, and when 120 people received the Holy Spirit, they were not driven to seek corporate jobs.

What I want to emphasize is that regardless of our occupation or location, we should all be engaged in preaching the gospel. By preaching the gospel, I don’t simply mean evangelizing; I mean sharing the word we have received and delivering it to others. We should be living by the Word, just like Peter and John did. As they were on their way to the temple, they encountered a lame person who asked for gold. They responded by saying, “We don’t have gold or silver, but what we have is far more valuable.” I pray that this becomes a lifestyle for you. Flow in the supernatural. When you begin to bless others and pursue God’s purposes, supernatural manifestations will follow.

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