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The objective of supernatural provision goes beyond acquiring more money. True biblical prosperity encompasses thriving in all aspects of life, not just financially.

July 10, 2023

The objective of supernatural provision goes beyond acquiring more money. True biblical prosperity encompasses thriving in all aspects of life, not just financially. While money is essential for earthly functioning, in God’s kingdom, relationships hold the highest value. Our relationship with God is not transactional but intimate. God desires us to prosper holistically, where true prosperity goes beyond mere financial gain.

Let me share instances from the Israelites’ journey as they moved from Egypt and spent 40 years in the wilderness. God provided them with manna, a small white seed tasting like honey wafers. When they grew tired of it, God brought quails for meat. And when they were thirsty, God brought water from a rock. The Bible also records that their clothes and shoes didn’t wear out in the wilderness. These acts of provision showcase prosperity beyond finances.

When you are stuck in a wilderness, money won’t do any good, but you can rely on God’s ability to provide. Prosperity is more than just having money. Can we fix our gaze upon God rather than fixating on our bank balance?

PSALM 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Find full delight in the Lord, and He will fulfill your heart’s desires. Delighting in God means making Him the primary focus of your heart. As you align your desires with His, He will meet every longing within you.

Avoid a transactional mindset in your relationship with God, where you seek Him only to fulfill your own needs and desires. Selfish desires, disconnected from God’s plan, can lead to sin and corruption. Instead, embrace selflessness and become a source of blessing to others.

Remember that you have already been blessed with every spiritual blessing (Ephesians 1:3). Step out in faith, bless others, and witness the ongoing flow of God’s blessings in action.

Prosperity is not solely defined by monetary wealth, although there are certain necessities that can only be acquired through money. In those instances, God can provide the necessary funds. However, true prosperity extends beyond financial matters. An intriguing example is found in the story of the Israelites in the wilderness, where their clothes and shoes did not wear out. While this may not resonate with those who enjoy shopping, it exemplifies the supernatural provision of God. Imagine the savings one could accumulate if clothing and footwear remained durable indefinitely. Consider how God’s protection shields us from unforeseen financial hardships caused by medical conditions. This emphasizes that prosperity in the kingdom is not primarily tied to money. In fact, money holds the least significance in terms of currency within the realm of prosperity.

Let’s explore a few more examples of supernatural provision. Take Elijah, for instance, who was miraculously fed by ravens during a time of famine. It is truly remarkable to imagine ravens bringing him sustenance.

Another notable account is Peter’s encounter with Jesus. Upon Jesus’ instruction to cast his nets into the deep, Peter witnessed a tremendous haul of fish, so much so that the nets began to break. Here’s an interesting question to ponder: Who is the expert fisherman in this scenario, Peter or Jesus? Naturally, one would assume Peter. Yet, despite Peter’s experience of toiling all night without catching anything, God’s word proved to be infallible. Our own experiences can sometimes be flawed, but God’s word is always true. Therefore, when God’s word enters your life, it is crucial to obey it, as it will lead to abundant blessings. So, in this instance, when Jesus spoke and instructed Peter, he obediently followed, resulting in a bountiful catch. Now, let’s consider this: If the expert fishermen, including Peter, claimed there were no fish in the sea, does that mean there were truly no fish present?

If the expert fishermen have toiled day and night, were there any fish in the sea? Absolutely, there were no fish. But when Jesus spoke the word, fish had to be created. This demonstrates the supernatural ability of God. We believe in a supernatural God who can create things out of thin air, even from the supernatural realm. Can you trust in a God who can provide for your needs? The objective of this message is to encourage you to stop relying on your finances and start trusting in God. Somewhere, your salary has defined what you can do for the Lord and placed limitations on your life, suggesting how much you can give and pour out for the kingdom. However, I want to tell you that the provision of the kingdom comes when the vision flows. So if you grasp hold of the vision, let go of your trust in materialistic things, and you will witness the flow of the kingdom working through supernatural provisions. Do not put your trust in finances or bank balances. God can provide for you supernaturally.

Don’t limit yourself based on your education, background, or financial salary. Salary can be like a drug, keeping you bound like the Israelite slaves in Egypt. It’s a drug you need to break free from. Trust in God to be the source of your finances; He can provide for you supernaturally. When the Lord prompts you to take a step of faith in the kingdom, never say, “Lord, I don’t have it. I can’t do it.” Remember, the Lord never asks you to do the possible; He always asks you to do the impossible. His word can empower you to accomplish the impossible. So when the Lord instructs you to do something, step out in faith, regardless of the money in your bank account or who’s supporting you. Step out and listen to God. Why? Because once you step out in faith, you will witness the flow of blessings and the overflowing presence of God in your life. Prosperity means to do well; it’s not just about having money.

Now, it’s important to note that one of the side effects of prosperity, which has led to abuse in the body of Christ, is that if you’re not careful, prosperity can become destructive. Prosperity has the potential to distort your mindset and make you view God as a transactional figure. It can lead to destructive principles and ultimately harm you. That’s why it’s crucial to be cautious and remain focused on God and His word, regardless of your financial situation. Delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on it day and night. Remember that your circumstances do not define who you are; it is God’s word that defines your identity. I want to emphasize that the side effect of prosperity is the risk of a twisted mindset that overly fixates on finances. If that becomes the sole focus of this message, then the true essence of the message has been misunderstood.

The true focus should be on delighting in God. When you delight in the Lord, He promises to grant you the desires of your heart. The purpose of emphasizing this is to divert our attention from the spirit of mammon and instead fix our gaze on God. As you prioritize God and wholeheartedly pursue the purposes of His kingdom, without being hindered by financial or materialistic constraints, simply by listening to and obeying His voice, you will witness the flow of blessings and supernatural provision.

Let me share a personal story. When I was nine years old, my parents were missionaries. One fine morning, my dad handed me a 50 rupee note and asked me to buy bread, milk, eggs, and jam. He made it clear that it was the last bit of money he had in his wallet. So I went to the shop, excited about what I could get with that amount. When I returned home, I noticed a large caravan parked right outside our house. Intrigued by the vehicle, I approached it and saw the “Mercedes” sign on it. It turned out that four foreigners had driven all the way from Sweden, spreading the gospel and evangelizing. They had traveled through Russia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and their final stop was Delhi, India. They intended to leave the caravan with us before flying out. As a curious nine-year-old, I ventured inside the caravan to explore. To my amazement, the bunk bed was filled with Snickers bars. It was a sight to behold. Here I was, thinking that we were holding onto the last strand of hope, and yet God had already provided a caravan from Sweden brimming with supplies. The food from those provisions sustained us for two months. It wasn’t just leftovers; they had rice, tuna fish, and even salmon—luxuries I had never imagined experiencing in Delhi, India during 1996-1997.

The point I want to emphasize is that when you wholeheartedly dedicate your life to the kingdom and align yourself with its purposes, the kingdom will support you. One hindrance among the body of Christ is allowing our salary to limit us and determine how much we can contribute to the kingdom. However, I assure you that if you pursue God’s vision, provision will follow. I find solace in the words of the Psalmist who proclaimed, “I have been young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging for bread.” In fact, when I was young and when my father would be concerned about finances, I would remind him of the scripture that says, “The young lions may lack and suffer hunger, but those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.” What I want to convey is that the prosperity of God is not solely about money; it’s about trusting in Him and believing that He will fulfill His promises. So when you trust God to fulfill the kingdom mandate upon your life, you will witness supernatural provisions manifesting.

You know, we have had numerous Christians attending our church, but we rarely heard about supernatural provisions in their lives. I’ve observed many Christians, but I have seldom witnessed supernatural provisions manifesting in their lives. And let me explain why. When we live a selfish, self-focused life, constantly preoccupied with our own needs, desires, and careers, we inadvertently stifle the power of the Holy Spirit within us. However, when we take a step of faith and embrace a lifestyle of blessing others, it is not merely about engaging in acts of charity. Please understand that it goes beyond that. It is about fulfilling the specific purpose that God has placed upon our lives. It is not just about giving generously and saying, “Look, I gave money.” No. It is about sincerely and wholeheartedly pursuing the purpose that God has ordained for each of us.

Ephesians 1:4 states, we were chosen by God even before the foundations of the earth were laid.

You were chosen by God. Before the foundation of the world, He had a godly purpose for your life. He has a dream specifically designed for you. However, if you fail to fulfill that dream, it remains unfulfilled. Heaven’s dream for your life remains unfulfilled if you solely live a self-centered life, focusing only on your own desires and career. But when you step into that purpose, when you embrace and pursue it, listening attentively to God’s guidance and placing your trust in His plans, provisions will indeed follow. Whether it is financial resources or other forms of support, they will come. You will experience extraordinary connections and networking opportunities. These connections will go beyond the ordinary, facilitating your journey in fulfilling the purpose God has for your life.

The church is not built by money; it is built by Jesus. Our focus should be on following His voice and obeying His guidance. Amen. The key to prosperity lies in delighting ourselves in the Lord. When we wholeheartedly find our joy in Him, He will grant us the desires of our hearts. It is essential to completely delight ourselves in the Lord.

As children of God, we must prioritize God and His word because His word is God. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. God’s word is synonymous with God Himself. However, let me provide some clarification. Before you jump to conclusions, the Bible is not God’s word in its entirety; rather, it contains God’s word. There is a distinction to be made. The Greek word for scriptures is “graphe,” while the word for the Word is “logos.” Additionally, the Greek word for the spoken word is “rhema.” When it says, “In the beginning was the Word,” it refers to the logos, not specifically to scriptures. However, scriptures hold the benefit of revealing the logos to us. Yes. Therefore, simply possessing the scriptures without actively engaging with their message and encountering the revealed word of God will not suffice.

Merely keeping the scriptures under your pillow or on a shelf will not bring about transformation. Instead, we must open the scriptures and read them in order to encounter the living and revealed word of God. That is why the Bible is referred to as the word of God. Now, I often state that the Bible is the word of God, and that statement is not incorrect. Please don’t try to correct someone by saying, “Pastor Sam said otherwise.” In fact, I affirm that the Bible is the word of God. However, I present this explanation to bring clarity. We must read the scriptures and encounter the revealed word within its texts. When we truly encounter and embrace the word revealed in the scriptures, our lives are transformed. Therefore, it is through delighting in God that He grants us the desires of our hearts. So, how do we delight in Him? By delighting in His word.

There are three key aspects to consider: first, hearing God’s word. Meditate on His word and speak it. Let’s repeat together: hear, meditate, speak. It is crucial for your ears, heart, and mouth to be aligned in order for you to establish yourself on God’s word. Your ears, heart, and mouth must be synchronized with His word.

However, simply hearing God’s word is insufficient if we allow ourselves to entertain wrong thoughts. In such instances, the word will not have its intended impact. Even when we hear God’s word and have a clear vision of its revelations, it is crucial to verbalize it. Speaking evil or wickedness encompasses anything that contradicts God’s definition of evil or wickedness. This extends beyond profanity or cursing; it includes any words that oppose God’s teachings. Anything contrary to what Jesus accomplished on the cross is deemed evil and wicked. Jesus completed his work once and for all. Let’s remember: finished. His work is flawless, and we cannot contribute anything to it. Amen to that. However, living in this world, we become susceptible to distractions and voices that oppose us. The constant barrage of news and contrary messages can sway us from the truth of what Christ has accomplished. By listening and entertaining these opposing voices, we end up speaking evil and wicked things that go against God’s word. So, let us focus on hearing God’s word, meditating on it, and speaking it. In doing so, our ears, hearts, and mouths will be in harmony.

That’s why God instructed Joshua not to let the book of the Lord depart from his mouth. Meditating on God’s word day and night, and speaking it, leads to prosperity and success. Hearing God’s word nurtures faith, while meditating on and speaking it establishes us in His Word. We are God’s people, grounded in His word. Our very existence is rooted in His word, just as our bodies need physical nourishment, our spiritual beings require the word of God because we are created with the same DNA as His Word (1 Peter 1:23). Therefore, it is essential for us to be firmly established in God’s word. It is not enough to merely catch a glimpse of His word or hear it; we must immerse ourselves in it to the point where it transforms the internal picture and vision of our hearts. Once our inner perspective is changed, we should boldly proclaim God’s word. Sadly, in this generation, many have no issue reading or hearing God’s word, but there is a significant reluctance to speak it. Let us remember that we can read it, hear it, but we must also speak it. But speaking God’s word requires boldness; it is essential to speak it out. It is not complete unless we verbalize God’s word.

2 Corinthians 4:13 – Since we have the same spirit of faith according to what has been written, “I believed, and so I spoke,” we also believe, and so we also speak.

Therefore, we must speak God’s words. As we hear God’s word, meditate on it, and speak it, the spoken word of God that comes out of our mouths continues to resonate within us. It becomes a cycle that keeps reinforcing itself. This is why the Psalmist says his delight is in the law of the Lord, and he meditates on it day and night. What we speak is what we will hear. If we speak God’s word, we will hear it again, and it will establish itself in our hearts. We find delight in God by delighting in His word.

Now, allow me to explain three postures that are crucial, just like maintaining the correct posture when exercising at the gym. If your posture is incorrect, you won’t attain your desired results. Similarly, when it comes to receiving God’s word, having the right posture is essential.

There are three key elements to maintain the correct posture in receiving God’s word:

1. Patience

When you’re placing your trust in God for supernatural provision, the first posture to adopt is patience.

Psalm 37:7 – Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.

When you’re placing your trust in God for supernatural provision, the first posture to adopt is patience. Say it with me: “Wait patiently for him.” It’s important to wait patiently for the Lord without becoming restless or envious of those who seem to prosper. When you find yourself waiting for the Lord to supernaturally provide for you and observe others receiving blessings, it’s crucial not to get distracted. Instead, fix your gaze on the Lord and continue to wait patiently.

Psalm 37:7 – For the evildoers shall be cut off, but those who wait for the Lord shall inherit the land.

Notice that it doesn’t say you will earn your way, but rather, you will inherit. What’s the difference between inheritance and earning? Inheritance is received without striving; it is a gift. It can be challenging because when you earn something, you may mistakenly think, “I accomplished this on my own strength.” Inheritance requires humility to receive. Therefore, for those who are waiting patiently, remember to wait with steadfastness. If the Lord has given you a word or a vision of how your purpose in His kingdom will unfold, be patient and refrain from attempting to help God’s plan along.

Like Abraham and Hagar, they were attempting to assist God. However, it is important to understand that God does not require your assistance. In fact, if you try to assist God, you will only cause delay. Therefore, refrain from attempting to assist God and instead exercise patience. If the Lord has spoken, it will come to pass. Avoid resorting to unethical or alternative means, and simply wait patiently. Waiting patiently can be challenging, especially in this generation. It requires great perseverance. The Lord will bless you, my brother. Let me remind you of what is going to happen. Moses waited for 80 years before stepping into his calling. David likely waited for 12 years before embracing his calling. Joseph endured a wait of approximately 18 years. Abraham waited for 25 years, and Noah waited for 120 years. So, how many years are you currently waiting for?

Do you understand the essence of my message? If the Lord has communicated His plans to you, it is important to exercise patience. Wait patiently and find your joy in Him. Wait patiently. As you maintain patience in the Lord, you begin to align your life with the vision that God’s word has imparted to you. Allow me to elaborate. When God informed Abraham about the blessings He had in store for him, He took Abraham out of his dwelling to reveal the vision. God asked Abraham, “Can you count the stars? Can you measure the grains of sand? That’s how numerous your offspring will be.” So, whenever restlessness arises within you, return to the Scriptures, for within them lies the vision of what will come to pass. You can shape your life based on that vision. By following God’s vision revealed through His word, you will experience provision following in your path.

Your circumstances may appear unfavorable, and things may seem to be going against what the word of God has promised you. In 2 Kings 18, the word of the Lord came to Elijah, stating that He would send rain after three years of famine. Although Elijah had not witnessed any rain yet, he confidently approached the king and proclaimed, “The rain is about to come.” Why? Because he had heard from the Lord. Furthermore, Elijah added another statement, saying, “I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.” Now, consider this: How was Elijah able to hear the sound of abundant rain when there were no visible clouds or rain in sight?

Elijah was able to hear the sound of abundance because he immersed himself in meditation on the word he had received from the Lord. As he meditated on God’s word, it became a living reality in his life. The word you receive from the Lord is just as tangible and real as touching a physical object or experiencing your current circumstances. When you engage in deep meditation on God’s word, it comes alive within you, and you can perceive its reality through your senses. You can hear it, smell it, and taste it. This is why Elijah confidently declared, “I hear the sound of the abundance of rain,” even before any physical evidence of rain was present. Therefore, wait patiently and continue to meditate on God’s word until it becomes a living reality for you. Amen. This aligns with John 17:17, which states, “Set them apart by your truth; your word is truth.” It is through God’s truth, His living reality, that you are set apart and transformed.

The meaning of truth in Greek originates from the word “aletheia,” which translates to “reality.” Distinguish yourself by embracing the reality that aligns with God’s word. His word embodies the ultimate reality, while the physical world you perceive is transient and ephemeral. It may fluctuate, but the truth derived from God’s word remains steadfast within God’s standards. Therefore, fix your gaze upon the reality of God and embrace the reality conveyed by His word. Indeed, exercise patience and wait expectantly. However, waiting patiently does not involve appearing despondent or disheartened while proclaiming to wait on God. Waiting on God entails being intertwined with Him, stemming from the Hebrew term “kavah,” signifying a deep connection with God. Do you believe God experiences depression? Certainly not! His disposition is not swayed by external factors like gloomy weather. When you wait on God, you transcend your physical circumstances and become deeply intertwined with His presence and reality. Your focus on the Lord is unwavering. Therefore, waiting on God means being so immersed in His reality that you forget about your physical circumstances. As you wait, allow His word to captivate your heart, transform your perspective, and refine your senses. Gradually, you will start to encounter the very essence of what the word of God proclaims. Consequently, you will begin to dwell in the tangible reality conveyed by His word.

2. Humility.

Psalm 37:11 – But the meek shall inherit the land and delight themselves in abundant peace.

Therefore, it is essential to be humble. God bestows grace upon the humble while opposing the proud. One aspect of humility is having a teachable heart. Growing up in a missionary family, I believed I had a comprehensive understanding of the Bible. After years of listening to countless sermons, I assumed I knew every message inside out. However, at the age of 22, I experienced a unique revelation from God. It humbled me without causing humiliation. It was a transformative experience that rekindled my hunger for spiritual growth.

“As long as we adopt a posture of being like God, with a desire to learn and remain humble, we invite His presence into our lives. When we approach God’s word with humility, every encounter becomes new and refreshing. It doesn’t matter who is delivering the message; even a five-year-old speaking God’s word can impart wisdom if we have a humble posture. It’s not about the person delivering the message but the spirit of God speaking through them. Just as God spoke through a donkey, He can certainly speak through anyone, including myself. It all boils down to humility—humble yourself as you listen to God’s word, be teachable, and receive His truth. Remember, it is the spirit of God utilizing the vessel’s mouth to speak.

This is why Paul, in First Thessalonians, commended the Thessalonian church. He acknowledged that when they received God’s word, they didn’t merely see it as the word of man but recognized it as the word of God, which it truly is. Therefore, when you hear God’s word, it is crucial to approach it with humility. Understand that within the sermon you listen to, the word of God is encoded. You have the opportunity to hear the voice of your Father, but it requires a posture of humility. Approach with excitement and expectation, saying, ‘Oh God, I’m here. I’m open and ready to receive. Speak to me.’ Even if the preacher didn’t come prepared, I assure you, with a posture of humility, you can still discern the voice of God through the speaker’s spirit. Remain teachable, allowing the word to penetrate your heart.

Be teachable. I truly appreciate the words of Paul, possibly directed towards the Corinthian Church, where he emphasizes that if we believe we know everything, we are actually lacking in the knowledge we should possess. Let me reiterate this point: If we think we know it all, it signifies that there is much more knowledge for us to acquire. It is essential to remind ourselves that we don’t possess all the knowledge we ought to have. As an engineer with a bachelor’s and master’s degree, I can confidently state that even after years of study, there is still an abundance of information that I am yet to learn. If a field of expertise here on Earth holds an immense amount of knowledge to be grasped, we can only imagine the vastness of the spiritual realm and how much there is to explore.

It is indeed foolish to believe that we possess all knowledge. The Bible consists of 66 books written by 40 different authors, but it’s crucial to understand that these authors were vessels used by the Holy Spirit. The spiritual truths contained within these writings are still waiting to be discovered even after 2000 years. We all draw from the same Word and preach the same Bible, yet it never becomes repetitive or dull. While I may grow weary of reading the same book twice, the Psalms, for instance, can be read repeatedly because the Spirit of God speaks through them. Therefore, with a posture of humility, we can continually tap into His spirit and draw inspiration.

3. Thanksgiving.

Psalm 37:16 – Better is the little that the righteous has than the abundance of many wicked.

“You have to underline the word “little”. We don’t like this word. Be grateful for what God has blessed you with right now rather than starting to complain about what you don’t have. Better is the little that you have. Be grateful. You know why? Because Thanksgiving can multiply. Thanksgiving multiplies. You’ve read the story of five loaves of bread and two fish. What did Jesus do? He took them and he gave thanks. You take what you have and give thanks to Jesus. It is Jesus’ job to multiply that. So don’t worry, don’t complain. Don’t try to strive. Don’t try to earn it. Just relax. Rest. If it is God’s vision and God has spoken to you, it is his responsibility to complete it, to fulfill it. You stay faithful in the little that you have.

Did you guys notice that all the verses today were from Psalm 37? So it’s a good exercise for you to go back and read that chapter. Psalm 37: Supernatural provision is your portion. Supernatural provision is your portion, not to trust in your bosses and the companies you’re working for. You work there excellently, but fulfill the agenda of the kingdom. God is the source of your supply. God has to become the source of your supply. I love reading the story of Abraham again and again, and in one word in Genesis 15, God tells Abraham, ‘Abraham, I am your exceedingly great reward.’ Do you know that speaks volumes? Because if your salary is 20,000 right now, God can double it—maybe you can have 40,000—and then double it again to 80,000, and maybe even ten times more. But nothing compares when God tells you, ‘Abraham, I am your exceedingly great reward.’ Because when God cannot find anything in the world to bless you with, when he runs out of earthly resources, he’s like, ‘Hey, I’ll become your source.’

Supernatural provision is not solely about possessions. Please understand this. However, if possession is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the kingdom, it will come. But let your eyes go beyond the source of supply, who is your Father. Do you know the meaning of Abba? It not only signifies ‘He is my Father,’ but also ‘He is my protector, my provider, my source.’ When babies are born, they aren’t concerned about how their parents will feed them or whether their parents have enough money in the bank to buy them milk. They trust their parents. Can you have that childlike trust in your Father, whom you call Father? He is your provider, your source, and your protector. He will keep you safe.

Remember, your salaries do not define you. Let me emphasize this once more. Your salaries don’t define you. Your bank balances don’t define you. You are defined by what God says about you in His word. There is a reality that God has for each and every one of you in His word. Be set apart in God’s reality. As it says in Psalm 1:2-3, ‘But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law, he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers, bearing fruit in every season.’ Can I tell you, supernatural provision is your portion because God has become your portion. If God did not withhold His own Son, how graciously will He not give us all things? All things are given to us with Him, not apart from Him. So, may your eyes be focused on the kingdom.

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