By sam@sputznik.com on April 3, 2023
Basic Information
SPOC for the Day
I have the order of service
I am familiar with the service team assignment.
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Quick Logistics Check
Check for cleaning
Stage, Hall, Media area, Outside Area
Battery supplies
[Moses] Enough batteries for Sunday service and rechargeable equipments are charged
Communion Supplies
[Logistics team] Latest by 9:15 am.
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Video Camera Setup
[Camera team] Latest by 9:30 am
Setup Presenter
[Media team] Latest by 9:45 am.
Zoom Setup
[Camera Team] Latest by 10:15 am
Communion Setup
[Communion Responsibles] Latest by 10:15 am
Hospitality check list
[Hospitality team]Check with the hospitality team for their finished checklist
Zoom link sent on whatsapp
[Alvin] Latest by 10:15
Check Ministry team Preparedness
[Alvin] Check if the team is prepared with oil, tissues, blankets etc.
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Recording Check
Camera 1 Video Recording
[Camera team] Video camera recording. Confirm at 10:30
Multi-track recording in mixer
[Audio Mixing team] Confirm at 10:30
Recording on zoom
[Camera team] Confirm at 10:30
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Sermon List
Place Podium after Worship
Water for preacher
[Usherin team] - When preacher enters the stage
Start timer when the sermon begins
[Mathew] Also sticky note for the preacher on the TV to smile.
Attendance of the church
[Ushering team] Both online and offline
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Stop Recording
Stop Mixer Recording
[Audio mixing team]
Stop Video Recordings
[Camera team] Camera and Zoom
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Post Service
Food distribution
[Serving team]
Wrap up communion supplies
[Communion Responsibles]
Offering counted
Check with Aashish for the offering to be counted.
Wrap up LH stall
[Ushering team]
Generator wrap up
Generator is disconnected and turned
Post service cleaning
[Hospitality team] Stack chairs and vacuum the place
Check all SOPs
[All teams]
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Confirm Submission

Thank you for your confirmation.

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