SOP Logistics

By Mathew John on May 5, 2023
Check with all teams for logistics requirements every first Sunday of the month. *
Buy essentials by first Friday of every month. *
Buy communion supplies by Saturday of every week. *
Discuss the food for lunch with the leadership every Monday and place the order by Saturday evening. *
Received Cash for essentials and supplies from leadership. *
Check the main water tank every Friday. *
All utensils of the restaurant are to be returned to the place after the lunch. *
Check for the following essentials and buy them if required. *
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Inventory List
Plates *
Paper Glasses *
Plastic Glasses *
Tissues *
Garbage Bags *
Spoons *
Hand Tissues *
Flush Mate *
Harpic *
Paper Bowl *
Small Paper Plates *
Vim Gel *
Toilet Rolls *
Hand Wash Refill *
Scrub *
Coffee Cups *
(Paper cups)
Room Fresheners *
Clothes For Dusting *
Kapur *
Colin *
Broom *
(Phool Jhaadu)
Dustpan *
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Thank you for your confirmation.

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